How to Use Watermelon

August 27, 2012

cubed watermelon
Photo by Sarah Shatz

When we asked for your best ideas for watermelon, we had no idea how many delicious tips and recipes you had lurking up your sleeves! From a citrusy watermelon martini to mint-flecked watermelon ice cream, we think you'll be inspired by your fellow cooks' creativity. At least one of the concepts below is sure to whet your appetite and ignite your imagination (or better yet, your stove!).

Here are some of your favorite recipes, tips, and techniques for watermelon (in no particular order):


Soups, Salads, and Snacks

Cooling Desserts

  • Whipped with fresh mint into a refreshing ice cream (from Negi Lola Amador via Facebook)
  • In an icy, lime-brightened granita (from darcyeden)
  • Formed into a mock cake: freed of the rind, cut into thick wedges, "frosted" with vanilla yogurt, reassembled into a cake shape, and then studded with fresh berries and almond slivers (from 1bets1)

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