How to Use Almonds

September 10, 2012

honeyed almonds
Photo by Sarah Shatz

When we asked for your best ideas for almonds, we had no idea how many delicious tips and recipes you had lurking up your sleeves! From a smoked almond pesto to a crunchy fish coating, we think you'll be inspired by your fellow cooks' creativity. At least one of the concepts below is sure to whet your appetite and ignite your imagination (or better yet, your stove!).

Here are some of your favorite recipes, tips, and techniques for almonds (in no particular order):


  • Smoked and blended with grilled green onions for a pesto that's perfect with flank steak (by hardlikearmour)
  • Soaked in sea salt-spiked distilled water until soft and more easily digestible (from Jacalyn Baxter Lantrip via Facebook)
  • As textural contrast in a tender goat curry (from PrimlaniKitchen via Twitter)
  • Slivered and sprinkled on top of mayo-mustard coated whitefish with slices of tomatoes and lime (from Alicia Kaye Kronick via Facebook)
  • Toasted and chopped, mixed with diced chicken and wild rice, and then encased in phyllo dough for a Moroccan bisteeya (from PrimlaniKitchen via Twitter)


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